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  1. Puck's Blog > Tuesday at its finest

    Tuesday at its finest. Well if you would be here today, you would be sipping some of the cinnamon coffee that just got done brewing in the pot. Yes the smell of fresh brewed cinnamon coffee reminds me of Christmas and the smell of pine cones. Okay I know you are asking yourself why that...
    Author: Created: 9/30/2014
  2. Puck's Blog > Monday it is

    So here is Monday morning unrolling its self. It’s a nice 60 degrees here in the circle city of Corona, California right now and suppose to just go up 30 little ticks. Where I am right now we have a slight wind, but not enough to make the leaves talk to you. The coyotes are quiet and the...
    Author: Created: 9/29/2014
  3. Puck's Blog > Sunday Darkness

    Well here it is 7:00 on a Sunday evening and if you haven’t got your chores done by now, you will be looking for a flashlight. I spent much of the day talking and doing Art with a friend. Off over in the distance I can hear the lonesome cry of a coyote that has probably been resting much of the ...
    Author: Created: 9/28/2014
  4. Puck's Blog > Feet up Saturday

    Here we are on Saturday morning watching the sunrise from the back porch. I am working on my first cup of coffee and the potatoes are still cooking in the pan. We are going to have a breakfast bowl with some turkey sausage this morning for those of you who wonder what was on the menu for today. ...
    Author: Created: 9/27/2014
  5. Puck's Blog > The Continental Motors

    Continental Motors manufactured in the 1920s, a motor called the “Continental's Red Seal” engines. Founded in 1903 as the Autocar Equipment Company but later changed the name, Continental can actually trace its origins back a little earlier, to an engineering student's, Ross Judson efforts to...
    Author: Created: 9/26/2014
  6. Puck's Blog > Funny Friday

    Well here it is Friday already and while the sun is not out yet, it will be a good time to go out and clean up the workshop. It’s a bit upside down as I rearranged things when I was replacing the band saw blade that broke at a most inopportune time last month. Oh I do have a little hobby one,...
    Author: Created: 9/26/2014
  7. Puck's Blog > The Marching Ants

    Well good morning where ever you happen to be. This morning in the quiet of the night the little black ants came marching through the cracks to inspect the sink. Not really sure what they were looking for as I just cleaned off the sink and washed the dishes. So I decided to give a bunch of them ...
    Author: Created: 9/24/2014
  8. Puck's Blog > Monday at hand

    Well we are just putting the last of breakfast dishes out to dry in the sink rack thing. We are now moving on to our second cup of cinnamon coffee and thought we would get our blog down on the screen. Nothing like a good breakfast to start the day. Won’t tell you with all of the details, but I...
    Author: Created: 9/22/2014
  9. Puck's Blog > 5 hours 25 miles

    Well I was one of the ones who were caught in the freeway shut down after the gala reception at the Corona Art Association. See just 1 ½ hours before we were ready to go home, some of the rival motorcycle gangs had a shooting on the freeway and the police shut everything down. So all of the...
    Author: Created: 9/21/2014
  10. Puck's Blog > Saturday as it is

    Well it is morning here in the circle city of Corona, California. If you would be here you could have some of the cinnamon coffee that just got dune brewing. So the whole place smells of coffee, which is not a bad thing. Our breakfast today is ham steak and eggs, for those of you who are...
    Author: Created: 9/20/2014

The Sensarium Concept 

Sensarium is an emerging platform for high definition viewing of artistic content in high traffic areas. The opportunity for surrounding businesses centers on being in close proximity to a main attraction that keeps viewers coming back to the vicinity. The Sensarium Display becomes an anchor point that brings the public back for repeat visits, thus enabling the surrounding establishments to offer their goods and services to engaged patrons.

The Sensarium concept works on the public broadcasting model, in that sponsors of the content are the underwriters and promoters of the content, and their financial support maintains the production facilities, creative talent and others who make the productions possible. In alignment with the public broadcasting model, there are intros and trailers that list and mention the show’s sponsors. These “commercial breaks” do not happen during main programming as in regular commercial television.

This is in contrast to digital signage platforms commonly seen in fast food restaurants that play a continuous stream of broadcast television with its own load of commercials, along with their own commercials continuously displaying in marked off regions of the display screens. Sensarium does not follow this model although technically it is possible to do it. Sensarium’s philosophy is that the message conveyed by the main production, be it creativity via art or something in the public interest should get the most sustained attention.

Content displayed on a Sensarium Display can come from a variety of information streams, including but not limited to web feeds (including Twitter), current weather, live camera feeds and scheduled video productions. The video productions can run once or repeat on a schedule, or even be randomly shown within a time slot. There is a lot of flexibility as to what can be shown and how it is arranged in the time schedule.

Technically, the Sensarium Displays that are found in public venues are dedicated display systems that are driven by special computer systems that are very compact and are capable of delivering high definition video. The computers are connected to the Internet via secure wired or wireless connections, and these dedicated broadcast streams cannot be broken into and viewed outside the dedicated display.

Sensarium broadcast is not just limited to these special dedicated displays. Sensarium is developing special channels for viewing on the Roku platform, which is currently enjoyed in over eight million homes in the United States alone. Someone who purchases a Roku system gets a small display module about the size of a hockey puck, which connects to their television and to the Internet via wired or wireless connection. Sensarium can develop any number of channels on this platform for special content depending on the channel’s end purpose.

Gravatar John believes in stimulating the mind through conversation, art, science and literature. He created the first local search engine that could translate and understand 31 world languages. He created a hybrid physical/electronic history museum to honor our wounded and fallen soldiers. He created an interactive, visually hypnotic high definition art display system: Sensarium.
Posted by John Graffio Monday, May 26, 2014 11:48:00 PM Categories: Art Science

Where Art Lives 

Is Art From The Beyond?

Art is the region above science, it is the most lofty of human endeavors. For art, the human mind has devoted its creative energy, heart and soul.

In Paleontology, it is thought that when renderings of abstract ideas began appearing in cave art, the human mind had progressed beyond a threshold that no other form of life on this planet had crossed. We don't know for sure if art simulated creativity, or creativity begat art.

Many human endeavors require creativity and original thought. Science requires a dogged discipline towards the seeking of truth, and can be a dry but rewarding life's work. With few exceptions, all people must labor and toil to survive. But what remains of our lives when we pass on to the next generation? What else besides our genes do we leave to the world?

We leave the essence of our lives through art, music and literature. The most enduring symbols of religious belief come to us through priceless works of art, through music inspired by something beyond this world, and words that bring us to the brink of creation itself. Art is the true medium of culture, and is the only aspect of all cultures that endures the millennia.

This project has been created so this wonderful, most fundamental aspect of our culture is not lost to all the busy minutes that leave us without even a second to appreciate beauty. Join me in helping to spread a little more of our true heritage to all those who go without.


Gravatar John believes in stimulating the mind through conversation, art, science and literature. He created the first local search engine that could translate and understand 31 world languages. He created a hybrid physical/electronic history museum to honor our wounded and fallen soldiers. He created an interactive, visually hypnotic high definition art display system: Sensarium.
Posted by John Graffio Sunday, May 25, 2014 8:52:00 PM Categories: Art Science
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Sensarium is devoted to creating interactive electronic art galleries around the world to promote more viewing of musical, digital and digitized art forms from artists of all genres.